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Carer in blue scrubs with client at home, london

We specialise in providing an exceptional quality of domiciliary care for individuals who are suffering from dementia or postoperative patients, connecting them with an outstanding private carer to offer assistance at home in all the forms that it may take.
The transition from hospital to home is a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding step, for dementia sufferers to take. The services that we provide bridge this gap, as our specialised, expert carers can fulfil the complexity and variety of care that may be required.
At LinkNurse, we utilise our extensive network of wonderful healthcare workers to connect these dedicated caregivers to these individuals, providing them with a private carer who is vetted, kind and trustworthy to assist their lives at home.

Local Recruitment

Sister nurse in navy blue tunic smiling with a child on bedside in a local private hospital

As healthcare professionals, we believe LinkNurse is your go-to recruitment agency for filling short to medium term HCP vacancies if your looking for highly skilled, committed and professional candidates within your healthcare team.


We have a wealth of experience recruiting for both private and NHS healthcare teams, providing highly qualified individuals for a diverse range of professional roles, including registered nurses, Carers, Midwives, Radiographers, and many more.

Our rigorous vetting and compliance process ensures that the nurses and healthcare workers we recommend for the position are of exceptional caliber and professionalism, giving you peace of mind in your hiring decision.

Nurse in scrubs holding a globe map

International Recruitment

Our specialised overseas recruitment function connects talented individuals from across the world with a healthcare vacancy at a UK hospital. At LinkNurse, we connect private and NHS UK hospitals with exceptional nurses, doctors and AHPs, who we have selectively recruited from across the globe.


The vetting process of these individuals is incredibly thorough. None of our recruitment is outsourced to third parties, as we are absolutely committed to ensuring that the candidates that we recommend to you are of the highest quality. The entire process, from start to finish, is undertaken by our committed staff and the recruitment specialists in our dedicated global team.

CQC: Care Quality Commission
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