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About Us

From our base in central London, we recruit outstanding individuals in the healthcare industry from across the world as candidates for vacancies in UK hospitals.


Our in-depth knowledge of the industry means that we understand exactly what kind of qualities are required from a candidate, so we ensure that we only supply individuals who meet, and indeed excel, those expectations.


If you’re seeking out an individual who will make fantastic contributions to the running of your operations, get in touch with us and LinkNurse will create those connections for you.


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Our Mission…


Is to provide the highest level of quality standards, through the provision of unparalleled nursing care, calibre staffing and evidence-based practices based on recent national guidelines.

Our commitment is to deliver excellent service and be renowned for our compassionate and high standards of care, for the betterment of human life.



Our Vision…


This vision is supported by our company's values and ethos whereby we recognise every individual as unique human being. We strive to act with absolute kindness and integrity in the way we conduct our business and our behaviours. Our pursuit for excellence in care is underpinned by our strong beliefs in continuous learning and improvements of our practices and SOPs, in line with the most up to date guidelines.

Lastly, our strong sense of social responsibility inspires us to support charitable institutions that make this venture even more worthwhile.


Our Core Values of compassion, kindness, Respect and Excellence integral in everything we do.

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