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About Us

From our base in central London, we recruit outstanding individuals in the healthcare industry from across the world as candidates for vacancies in UK hospitals.


Our in-depth knowledge of the industry means that we understand exactly what kind of qualities are required from a candidate, so we ensure that we only supply individuals who meet, and indeed excel, those expectations.


If you’re seeking out an individual who will make fantastic contributions to the running of your operations, get in touch with us and LinkNurse will create those connections for you.


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Our Mission…


Is to provide the highest level of quality standards, through the provision of unparalleled nursing care, calibre staffing and evidence-based practices based on recent national guidelines.

Our commitment is to deliver excellent service and be renowned for our compassionate and high standards of care, for the betterment of human life.



Our Vision…


This vision is supported by our company's values and ethos whereby we recognise every individual as unique human being. We strive to act with absolute kindness and integrity in the way we conduct our business and our behaviours. Our pursuit for excellence in care is underpinned by our strong beliefs in continuous learning and improvements of our practices and SOPs, in line with the most up to date guidelines.

Lastly, our strong sense of social responsibility inspires us to support charitable institutions that make this venture even more worthwhile.


Our Core Values of compassion, kindness, Respect and Excellence integral in everything we do.


Frequently asked questions

I have a vacancy in my team, how do you ensure the high calibre of international candidates?

Apple: We understand how vital it is to ensure that the individuals that we provide our clients with are of the highest calibre. This is why we are so committed to taking on the entire recruitment process ourselves. We don’t outsource any part of the process, which means we have a detailed knowledge of all of the candidates that we consider.

Then, for our international candidates, we have fantastic recruitment specialists based in every single country that we recruit our candidates from. Our directors and head office team then work on a very close basis with all of our global management teams. We visit them at least four times a year and have weekly conferences, too. So, our team is filled with talented, dedicated recruitment experts, and we all work together as well, exactly that, a team.

I think I might require a domiciliary carer, why should I trust LinkNurse?

Ali: The individuals that we recruit are selected by us precisely because, not only do they possess exceptional ability, but as individuals they are vibrant characters who are fun to be around, and are dedicated to upholding our core values.

The LinkNurse recruitment process involves making sure that all of our carers are fully qualified and vetted, with great experience, meaning they are fully able to undertake the full variety of complex care that the job requires.

Apple: Once we recruit a carer, they become part of our team. We all work together as part of one strong unit providing excellent domiciliary care across the country.

I’m a healthcare worker, how can you help me meet my career aspirations?

Apple: At LinkNurse, we are unique because we sincerely invest in all of our candidates as individuals who we know have remarkable ability and strength of character. So we are committed to working with you to help your career in the UK healthcare sector blossom.

We have connections with an extensive number of top hospitals across the UK. These hospitals trust us to provide them with a candidate who perfectly matches their job vacancy. In turn, we utilise the extensive variety of different positions that we’ve been asked to fill to find a job that suits your aspirations, expectations and skill set perfectly.

You mention that you provide connections across the industry, what do you mean by this?

Ali: Our job is to link a huge variety of different (often very niche) vacancies in UK hospitals, with specific candidates across the world of the highest calibre, who we know will be the perfect fit for the role. These roles include jobs in both private and NHS healthcare teams, and professional roles that include Nurses, AHPs, Doctors and Dentists, to name a few.

We like to think of ourselves as a mediator, providing these vital connections across the healthcare industry so that the sector can continue to progress from strength to strength.

We work from our central London base, we work to make the recruitment process infinitely easier for everyone involved, by forging these key industry connections.

How do you maintain consistently high standards of practice?

Apple: As we mentioned earlier regarding our international recruitment, we keep our practices of an exceptionally high standard simply because the entirety of it is conducted by our superb team of experts. We never outsource any of our work to third parties, because we know that this would compromise the consistent quality of the services that we deliver.

In terms of our local recruitment, our quality lies in our extensive knowledge of the sector. This familiarity means that, when a hospital comes to us with a vacancy, we know exactly what they are looking for from a candidate. So, on their behalf, LinkNurse undertakes everything from thorough vetting in accordance with the NHS Employment Check Standards, narrowing down candidates at the interview stage, while also selecting candidates with the appropriate level of experience required and the right professional demeanor, too.