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Dementia Care
Dementia Care

We recognised and understand the complexity and sensitivity of having someone diagnosed with dementia. It is important that a friendly familiar face, established routine tasks and dependable consistent care are provided. These practices enable patients who suffer from dementia to still live a meaningful life.


The diagnosis of dementia encompasses a variety of conditions that impact the normal functions of the brain, particularly affecting memory. These symptoms are caused by damage to the neurons of the brain, and these symptoms unfortunately get progressively worse over time.


This is why At- Home Dementia Care minimises the changes in routine that a patient would have to encounter daily and ensures that patients feel stable and comfortable in their own familiar environment.

In order to help you gain a better understanding of the work that we do, below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Dementia Care.

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What types of care does Dementia necessitate?

  • Involvement of patient, recognise one’s individuality and uniqueness

  • Providing regular social interactions with a friendly face

  • Plan and establish a routine.

  • Preparing meals

  • Encouraging good diet and gentle exercises

  • Helping them to recall loved ones, memories and activities they enjoy, by re-engaging them with their hobbies and interests

  • Assisting with medication

  • Offering mobility support

  • Help during the night

  • Helping with household tasks 

  • All of life’s tasks, big or small, that may arise during the day

  • The option of full, 24-hour live-in care



How can you care for someone suffering from dementia?


In order to support an individual who is struggling from dementia and its disorientating side effects, it is key that you help them to reconnect with their identity.


This involves helping them to re-engage with their favourite hobbies, activities, encouraging them to take part in their interests and spend time with the people closest to them. One of the care services that we provide for our patients diagnosed with dementia is helping them to create a dementia box. We fill this box with resources, for example, visual communication aids, therapy dolls, favourite books, board games, which will help to invoke memories in them. Furthermore, these resources will go a long way towards supporting the lifestyle of these patients, which will, in turn, promote their sense of self-worth and self-actualisation.


It is also vital that carers work to promote good health for our patients. This includes helping them to have a healthy, nutritious diet and undertake regular exercise - as with all of us, this brings great benefits to both body and mind.


Our commitment to the improvement of human life and care, we ensure that we conform to the very latest developments in the practices of dementia care through training, seminars and participation in research studies. This is a key part of our practices and protocols.


Why is it so important for a patient to be able to live at home?


We understand how important it is for everyone to be able to live in their home, in a way that makes them feel secure, independent and joyful. This constant, dependable support that we provide is a fantastic alternative option to hospitals or care homes. Being able to live independently at home greatly assists in keeping an individual’s feelings of self-worth and the quality of their life, Particularly for an individual who has dementia, these cherished places provide reassuring, familiar and comforting surroundings. As such, At- Home Care is the best option for a dementia sufferer.


What makes LinkNurse carers unique?


Our caregivers are friendly, compassionate and highly competent, who are absolutely committed to helping improve the lives of our valued patients. Our kind approach to care make them special.


We support and continuously work with our staff to develop personal development plan by providing them with access to annual statutory and mandatory training which includes courses, seminars and other forms of continuous professional development. Expertise and best practice is absolutely core to the care delivered by every single member of our team.


The carers that we can pair you with are highly skilled, qualified, fully vetted, experienced and able to undertake complex care and nursing tasks in a variety of situations. They can help alleviate feelings of loneliness, helplessness or frustration that you may be facing as a downside of independent life. What's more, our carers themselves will also become people who you will find to be a reassuring, friendly face who you’ll see everyday.


Our extensive LinkNurse team works collaboratively alongside other healthcare professionals, exemplifying our holistic approach to the care that we provide.


LinkNurse provides you with a fully regulated care service that has the guidance of a highly skilled management team with over a decade of experience behind them. If you would like to learn more about our specialist dementia care services, just give us a call - our team would be delighted to speak to you.

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