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Domiciliary Care, Personal Care and Post Operative Caring
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Our exceptional team of LinkNurse caregivers provides compassionate and bespoke care for individuals, each with their own unique needs. Domiciliary care is designed to enable yourself or a loved one to continue their life in the comfort of their own home with confidence that we are with you every step of the way.


The support that we provide is uniquely tailored to each individual and their personal needs. Our flexibility allows you to continue your pre-existing routine, as we can shape our services around you. We promote self-care and independence, your preference surrounding the length of care that you receive, whether that be just half an hour of extra assistance per week, right the way to round-the-clock care, where a live-in-caregiver will stay with you in your home for 24 hours a day.


LinkNurse is proud to be regulated by the Care Quality Commission and we are run by CQC registered managers, these ensure commitment to always aim for next to none quality of care and continuously improve our services. In addition, all of our caregivers receive extensive support from our team of healthcare experts, so that we can consistently adhere to our strict code of practice and core values of Compassion, Kindness, Respect and Excellence throughout all aspects of our care.

If you or a loved one is making the transition from hospital to home, we know how challenging this can be. At LinkNurse, we specialize in providing meaningful and highest quality of private domiciliary care to the vast diversity of patients, including Dementia sufferers and Post-Operative Care patients. 


​Why use LinkNurse to find Caregivers?

  • We work as a team of skilled carers and qualified nurses, to provide the best form of enabling care and support for you.

  • Our staff is fully vetted, experienced, highly qualified and skilled enough to undertake complex care and provide responsive nursing intervention when required. 

  • We work to improve the health and well-being of our patients geared towards a better quality of life


If you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch with us via phone or email and we can arrange a free consultation with you. We will be able to connect you with a dedicated, compassionate and gifted carer, and tailor our services to provide you with the perfect care for you or your loved one.

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Domiciliary Care with LinkNurse


Domiciliary care is designed to provide individuals with access to care and support, to ensure that they are able to live independently, as possible while still receiving extra support wherever it may be needed.


This kind of care means that patients do not have to leave their own home. As such, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our patients with the optimum quality of life that provides a balanced and intuitive combination of one’s independence and the care that we provide to support your healthcare needs. The domiciliary care that we provide encompasses a wide range of tailored services, including Personal Care, Dementia Care and Post-Operative Care.


The assistance of LinkNurse Domiciliary Care can provide you with:


  • Provision of personal care

  • Assist you to safely manage your medication

  • Meal Preparation

  • Assisting you when it comes to getting around your home

  • Providing a helping hand with household chores

  • Connecting you with a companion, who will provide you with a wide range of mental health benefits, including comfort, happiness and friendship, through a friendly familiar face

  • Providing emotional support and helping you to feel secure and reassured.

  • Offering more clinical forms of care, when they may be required


Personal Care


This broad type of care, is designed to be flexible, to meet your personal needs. It necessitates a caregiver to get to know a patient better, in order to create an individualized care plan that will give you a personalized care service to suit your needs and allows you to function with as much independence possible.


Preference to care and support could be - a visit- caregiver (who would visit you at a specific point in the day for a set period of time), or you could choose to have a live-in caregiver, who would stay at your home with you and provide you with respectful, helpful and caring support for 24 hours a day.


Our personal care services are on hand to assist you with all manner of daily tasks - whatever you find that you need some extra support with. This could include a huge variety of tasks, including everything from assisting with bathing and helping a patient to get dressed to even put on their make-up, to more complex medical needs where a specialist nurse is provided.


In order to provide such a wide range of services, our team of carers are highly trained, capable and caring individuals, who have the initiative to be able to adapt their care provisions to what is required of them at that moment. We will be able to work with you to help you maintain your regular, established routines and keep you as comfortable as possible.


If you’d like to learn a bit more about the types of care that we can provide you with and get more information about how we can best cater to your individual needs, you can speak to a member of the LinkNurse team via phone or email.



Post Operative Care 


Our personalized and individualized care bridges the gap between hospital and home.


We provide enabling live-in care, domiciliary care and nursing support to a variety of vulnerable individuals - including those who may be living with long term or complex health conditions like dementia, or people undergoing postoperative rehabilitation and reablement - to help them to live happily, comfortably and well-connected to their local community.


So, if you are currently recovering from an operation and you are finding it difficult to live on your own, whether that be because daily chores around the house have become more challenging, or you require assistance with specific elements of independent living, our post-operative care services will ensure that you are treated respectfully, your independence is enhanced rather than compromised, and your personal recovery is encouraged at a pace that suits you. 


At LinkNurse, we specialize in providing an exceptional quality of domiciliary care. We understand the variety and the extent of the challenges that you may face if your health becomes compromised. We know how difficult this can be both for you and your loved ones, as you struggle to fulfill your own needs independently.


Our job is to connect you with a friendly, kind and bubbly carer who will provide you with the daily assistance and personal support that you need with day-to-day tasks, in a way that is unobtrusive and helps you retain your full independence.  


Our private care services place a huge amount of value on promoting your development to progressive improvement, working towards self-care and an increased level of comfort and independence in your own home environment.


We strongly recognize the importance of self-care. This is why our personally tailored care plan is developed using a strength-based assessment, which enables patients to develop their own independence and life skills. Our bespoke approach to care allows us to provide a treatment that enables our patients to regain control of their own health and life.


As you undertake this journey, our staff will always be there by your side, providing you with an exceptional standard of service, sincere personal support and compassionate care. 

Domiciliary Care
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