Health Screening

Our Health Screening Services provides an alternative to standard screening tests that are easy for you to quickly organise, without the need for you to even leave home or the office.


At LinkNurse, we will work to conduct the test in a way that best suits you. You may be concerned about the potential of a particular health condition arising for you, or you might like to provide health checks for your employees. With our service, we can provide you with this medical test without the difficulty and hassle of securing an in-person appointment. 


By identifying a health condition at an early stage through a screening test (before it is obviously present or has the chance to develop), there is a strong chance that any future treatment that you may need to undertake is more effective.


Typically, the test would consist of taking a variety of key measurements (including measuring your height, weight, levels of oxygen saturation, blood pressure, as well as urine and stool samples). Throughout this process, we work alongside a fantastic team of highly reputable GPs and consultants. If a more detailed health screen is required, we may need to take further measurements, including full blood samples and specific tests, such as an ECG or a Spirometry test. We will then send these results to our laboratory for analysis.


If you would like to use our screening services, just get in touch and we can quickly book your appointment in advance. Then, once your appointment with us has been confirmed, we will send you an online questionnaire, so that we have all of the necessary details from you prior to the planned Health Screening Day.