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International Recruitment

LinkNurse International Open Day

The recruitment services that we provide are singular, in that we connect UK hospitals with qualified nurses and allied healthcare professionals of extraordinary merit from across the world.

Why use LinkNurse to find your next healthcare worker?


●      Our commitment to progressing the careers of exceptional individuals

●      A network of specialists across the globe

●      Our talented, dedicated team - with no third parties or subcontracting



How do you ensure that the recruitment process is suitably vetted?


At LinkNurse, we take immense pride in the fact that none of the recruitment is outsourced to third parties or subcontracted to local companies. The entire process, from start to finish, is undertaken by the recruitment specialists in our team. In every single one of the countries from which LinkNurse International Recruitment recruits our nurses, doctors and allied healthcare professionals for private and NHS UK hospitals, we have dedicated offices and management teams located there.


The Directors of the company then work very closely with the resourcing teams based in these various countries - conducting visits at least every quarter, undertaking conferences on a weekly basis, and ensuring that all of these offices provide an integrated Audit and Quality Assurance reporting structure that is in line with the UK side of the business. This practice and stringency is designed to ensure that the individuals that we recruit are of the highest quality. 

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For any large contracts that we are assisting with, a UK Project Lead Consultant will set up the project in the relevant country, working with the local team based there, and they will remain in the country until the project has commenced, the first cohort of recruits have been processed, and the service provided its first Audit and QA report to the UK office. The Project Lead Consultant (PLC) is the contact point for the commissioner until the ultimate completion of the project.


At LinkNurse we all work together, under the same values and ethos, to source the best candidates for each commissioning employer. It is this dedication which, we believe, really makes us stand out from our competitors.