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About Our Recruitment
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Our extensive experience in matching individuals with vacancies in the UK’s healthcare sector means that, whether it be permanent or temporary, whatever vacancy a hospital has, LinkNurse will be able to quickly fulfil your professional roles with individuals of the highest calibre.


We have a dedicated UK recruitment team, based in our offices in Berkeley Square House, London.


Our talented team of experts have the capacity, experience and skills to recruit for small or large projects, for both private and NHS customers across a range of professional roles, including Nurses, Healthcare Assistants as well as Radiologists.


The staff that we provide can fulfil a range of vacancies to suit you, these could be either agency staff to provide short term support for gaps in rosters, long term absences (including maternity leave) or we can even undertake a full recruitment campaign on behalf of the contracting organisation.


For a major recruitment project, LinkNurse can undertake the complete process on your behalf, from creation of the campaign, marketing and advertising, the initial selection process, right through to conducting interviews using professional clinicians and vetting in line with the NHS Employment Check Standards. We will work closely with the commissioner at every point of the recruitment pathway, to ensure that the project is projecting exactly as they had hoped.


Thanks to the consistently thorough vetting that we conduct on all of our applicants and the stringency of our process for compliance, you can count on the high quality and professionalism of the nurses and healthcare workers who we put forward to fulfil your vacancy.


We are truly passionate about advancing the UK’s wonderful healthcare industry. This is the beating heart of our ethos, and we achieve this goal every day by connecting hospitals with gifted, caring and extremely high calibre professionals.

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